The Bunkhouse

Visit beautiful Kintyre and stay at the Bunkhouse

Booking Terms & Conditions

  1. Arrival & Departure – Guests may take possession of their accommodation after 3pm on the arrival date (or other time by special arrangement), and should vacate the accommodation by 11am on the departure date, guests should be up and about by 10am to facilitate housekeeping.
  2. Prices – Prices displayed are for beds in shared bunk room accommodation. Exclusive room or bunkhouse use and family room prices are available upon enquiry. Prices include tax, showers, drying room, kitchen and equipment.
  3. Booking Payments – Payment must be made in advance and confirmation will be sent. The booking reference number displayed on the booking statement should be recorded and retained safely as proof of booking and payment and referred to in all correspondence. Non booked arrivals must pay in cash on arrival.
  4. Cancellation – If you must cancel, inform us at the earliest possible opportunity. A 100% refund if a ferry is cancelled or two clear days notice. Refunds will be made by internet bank transfer.
  5. Insurance – All guests are strongly advised to take out adequate insurance against cancellation, damage to baggage, loss and/or damage to property etc.
  6. Security Deposit – Larger groups are required to pay a Good Housekeeping Deposit in advance. This will be returned by internet banking within two weeks provided the hostel is left in good order.
  7. Age Restrictions – Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for them. Groups and families are required to have suitable numbers of adults to ensure the good conduct and safety of party members and other guests. All decisions in this regard are at the discretion of the Bunkhouse staff. Responsible adults are required to familiarise themselves with safety and emergency issues and actively consider the risks associated with hazards, including bunk beds, kitchen equipment and road traffic. Parents or guardians of young children are advised that persons under 7 years are recommended do not occupy upper bunks.
  8. Occupancy – Only those persons listed on the booking form may occupy the accommodation. We reserve the right to terminate the booking, without refund, to vary or re-allocate the accommodation if this condition is breached or where all material facts are not disclosed. Beds may not be sub-let.
  9. Admission and Eviction – We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone who, in the opinion of our staff, is not fit to take charge of the property or be in the company of other guests. In any such case the contract will be terminated without further liability. We also reserve the right to terminate the Contract at any time or remove any person or persons (or persons being responsible for others), due to unreasonable behaviour, damage to property or causing or likely to cause injury, annoyance or offence to other guests. Any refund will be entirely at the discretion of Campbeltown Backpackers/Kintyre Amenity Trust. Our staff also has the right to enter any room at any time as occasion may demand, to ensure that cleanliness is preserved and routine maintenance may be carried out.
  10. No Smoking Premises – Smoking is prohibited in the bunkhouse. There will be a £50 charge for deep cleaning of room(s) if smoking has occurred.
  11. Personal Effects – We will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to personal property of guests occupying the accommodation. All property, vehicles, their contents and personal effects are on the premises and car park entirely at your own risk. Any items left will NOT be posted on. They will be kept for two weeks and be available for collection.
  12. Accidents – All persons have a ‘duty of care’ for others, so if you see something potentially dangerous, don‘t ignore it - but do something about it and tell a member of staff. Any accident must be reported to reception.
  13. Your Pet – Pets only allowed if sole occupancy of room is taken.
  14. Noise & Disturbance – Please consider others. Guests are expected to consider the consequences of their actions and too minimise any noise, especially between 11.00pm and 8.00am. No late night disturbance will be tolerated!
  15. Accommodation – If for any reason the accommodation is unsatisfactory please inform us immediately so that appropriate action can be taken. We cannot accept subsequent claims for shortcomings not so notified.
  16. Availability – The booking is made on the understanding that we will make the accommodation and amenities available to you on the dates stated. Should this not be possible for reasons within our due care we will endeavour to provide you with alternative dates or refund of your monies, but you will have no other claim or remedy against us.